How we work

The ePatch® technology platform is your opportunity to develop and market your own specific patch-based solution under your own brand.

We give you a head start

We rapidly and innovatively transfer your ideas into your own health monitoring product or service.

The ePatch® technology platform gives you a fast-track to the market.

You will benefit from:

  • a CE marked ePatch®
  • a ISO 13485 certified Quality Management system
  • an established business of OEM product development and supply

We master the entire project cycle from specification, development, testing, product validation, manufacturing setup and finally supply of products.

Are you looking for an ECG monitoring device?

We are dedicated to work with medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies and suppliers around the world in the space of ECG monitoring.

Together with our business partners, we customize or develop and manufacture your specific monitoring solution based on our patented ePatch® technology.


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